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Fitness tracker

     Fitness tracker             

Fitness tracker


Dear friends, 

in this article, we are going to look at ways to maintain good health, because I have to say that nothing is more important than good health.

What does fitness mean?

Experts define physical fitness as “one's ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease, fatigue, and stress and reduced sedentary behavior.”

     fit with fitness matter of precious life 

 Your guess is right HEALTH AND FITNES the prime topic   

Do we maintain good health throughout our lives?
If you say that, you can say no... yes this is true ...

            Then why this article? What is its purpose? You may ask ..? 
Please go back to the answer ..
The bitter truth is that it is difficult to live to middle age now, and then no guarantee of living for the rest of your life :))
Yes, we have to accept that..this is the truth,
    ..Did you know that in the early 70s, hospital facilities, research labs, clinics, and medical care facilities were very limited ... the whole city could be two or three. But the current situation?
...., a hospital across the street, why this situation? Think about it, it's caused by ourselves, 
yes, we can go on saying that the reason for this is poor diet, lack of proper sleep, stress, lack of exercise, and mechanical life.

fitness tracker 

 Believe it or not ?.It is hooping Around 5.8 billion $ business, worldwide linked with medical-related industry...
   You surprise?  Just click to see the link below.....just 2 years back statistics

The global medical devices market size was USD 432.23 billion in 2020.

   Even availability of such high-class medical care,  Our AVERAGE living life is still shrinking drastically..

   Why, Because of collapsed environment, life threatens dreaded diseases, Toxic foodstuff, Radiation, and other many things are the main reason..

  More electronic media (mobile, Laptop, and other communication instruments are the major culprit takes most of the user's time in a whole day ) 

        People are almost addicted to these devices....and get losing their precious healthy life unknowingly., and this leads to a major health risk just as RADIATION,stress-related injuries, hands, arms, back, and the big thing is eyestrain.......

     NEED A SOLID proof, refer to these sites for more details..

  It is really the concern of a quite tough task to keep our healthfully fit throughout our life with existing modern age climatic conditions.. ... 

          Since the peoples are nowadays very busy with their schedule and don't look for timely food, sleep. and relaxation, skip routine regular exercise........

fitness tracker

What is fitness and why given more importance?

Regular exercise and physical activity promote strong muscles and bones. It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce your risk for some cancers
Very particularly  Those who work corporate offices move very little and more time sitting in the airconditioned room....and seeing computer monitors.....results in more bodyweight, laziness, body pain and facing various health disorder...

This 21 st century you know?  2 out of 5 persons (Including both gender ) have diabetes, high uncontrolled blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases .. It means in world population total 40% of the peoples facing life-threatening diseases.., Moreover the statistics caution if not take suitable actions, this figure may go high in the coming years..the confirmed report says...

     It is a very common fact, a healthy person has a lot of confidence and catch quickly other's attention for his tired activities..ultimately get social respect ...

             So needless to say that importance of health and fitness is not to be ignored, we must create awareness with people of all age that we could develop and form a happy healthy the near future....

             Now the big question is what to be done? Where to start?

What awareness is needed?

The best and only way to choose by fix planned and scheduled activities of our daily routine life to drive out all health disorders and for being happy In life.....

   What is planned and scheduled activities....?????

  A simple morning exercise, like brisk walking, cycling, jogging   etc    

 Fix planned Diet ...(by using more organic food )

 Avoid stress..(yoga and swimming is the best alternative )..

Live in the green environment...( develop greeneries around living place, and get started home garden vegetables or terrace garden..and to share with others....

      In the end along with the above, it is the moral responsibility of leading social organizations,, Medical institutions, and government offices are to get together and should come forward to create awareness about healthy living ...

              I do agree that medical institutes and hospitals are absolutely  needed, but this should mostly be used for,    

                  1)   To save the precious life of the person when critically 
                    injured .......
                 2)   To care for the aged and elder citizens 
                 3)   To care of Newborn babies and mother care of before 
                     and after delivery....
                4)  To arrest communicable diseases, and to prevent 
                       Other dangerous virus  diseases
                   PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.......
                Instead of investing more and more money for
                 giant hospital buildings as well as sophisticated 
                 medical equipment......

               It is is worth to forming huge green forest, encourage

               Solar power, natural renewable resources which 
               directly helps to reduce a 

                BIG THREAT OF GLOBAL WARMING......

     I tried my best to create this article without any 

      mistakes,if anything please doesn't mind and 
     looking for your valuable comments...


    That's all,

   Thanks for being with me 



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