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Income potential from terrace garden

Income potential from terrace garden Terrace garden What is a terrace garden? Is it beneficial?  Yes, sure, we get pure organic vegetables, more tasty and fresh also cheaper, when compare buy from shops.. It is an undeniable fact that the vegetables grown in the home garden are very tasty and fresh and our minds can feel very excited when we see the green plants and vegetables, every day.. What is the reason called a terrace garden? It is  a garden in which vegetables, fruits, or flowers are grown on terraces, balconies, or roofs of buildings . The kitchen garden, a standard in every country household, has now shifted to the roof due to constraints of space and is called a terrace garden . Advantages of terrace gardening .. Lowering overall heat absorption of buildings and insulating the building against heat and cold.. Enabling consumption of  pesticide-free, healthy green and fresh vegetables   Conducive to a routine   physical exercise  activity ,  health improvement due to  clean a